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Urban Space: Café and a Party Place

Looking for a place to celebrate your special event? No worries, Urban Space got you covered! Located in the center of Myeongdong, this ethereal alcohol cafe will make you beam. And who will not? With a pool of balloons, swing and colorful set up inside?We're so delighted and got excited the moment we saw the… Continue reading Urban Space: Café and a Party Place

Museums and Cafe

Cafe Lalo in Seongnam

From lake park stroll, we ended up our Saturday getaway in a cafe located on the base of a mountain, Cafe Lalo. Nature trip for whole day. Located in Unjung-dong, Seongnam, which is the satellite city of Seoul, part of Gyeonggi province and 10th largest city in Korea. While we traveled for about 40minutes  from… Continue reading Cafe Lalo in Seongnam

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Healing at Tiffany’s Café in Hongdae

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades-Audrey Hepburn” True enough and vaguely evident in this Healing at Tiffany’s Café in the heart of Hongdae, Seoul. A distinct coffee bar that offers loosening, refreshment and healing. This Audrey Hepburn themed café is an absolute inspiration. Just as what I am expecting, it’s another worthy coffee… Continue reading Healing at Tiffany’s Café in Hongdae