Poop Cafe in Insadong

If you’ll ask me of what place I like most in Korea, my answer will definitely…. coffee shops or themed cafe! Yup, those whimsical corners are my fave spots.

I’d been around lots of themed cafe and this one in Insadong is quiet a distinctive one. Drinking your coffee in a toilet bowl shape cup? Hilarious! 

We ordered rose latte, mint latte and cafe latte as we are three and added a white spaghetti served in a toilet bowl platter. Amusingly a serving of one cup of this coffee can be shared by three persons. What a serving! In a cost of ₩6,000 for each coffee and ₩7,500 for white spaghetti.

Anyhow, the perky atmosphere and design of this cafe I guess made visitors satisfied and us having a great time as well.

Poop Cafe is located on top floor of Ssamzie gil. From Line 3 Angguk station…walk straight from exit 6. 

Turn left on the first corner where you can find the tourist information. Walk straight on the alley and you’ll find the building on your left.


Line Friends Cafe and Store in Seoul

And who’s not going to fall on this huge adorable brown bear sitting cozily waiting for passers to sit on his lap? I bet you too will take a second look and fall in line for a selfie photo, just like we did, the kids and other grown ups.


Brown and Sally

This character’s name is Brown from the mobile messenger app, LINE. Brown and friends are the friendly character stickers turned to a crowd-pleasing global brand loved by all ages.


Choco, Brown’s sister


Brown and Edward

Other characters are: Cony, Brown’s love interest, Moon, James, Sally, Leonard, Jessica, Boss, Edward, Choco and Pangyo and friends.


Cony and Leonard



LINE FRIENDS CHARACTERS are invading not only the mobile messaging world but further the real world too.



With over 5,000 character products available in store and themed café, there is no doubt that these characters are well loved.


There are several locations of this store and café in Korea. I’ve been able to visit one in Myeongdong and the other at Garuso-gil both with people lining up. I guess every store goers can’t get enough of these amazing characters for souvenir.



All store products are so lovable that choosing a perfect souvenir is baffling. I ended up taking home Moon and Leonard mini dolls.



Brown cookie and Cony macaroon was a good match for my chocolate drink too, though it took me time to decide either I’m going to take a bite or not because of its adorable cuteness.



Line Friends in Myeongdong is at exit 6 of Myeongdong Station Line 4, turn left at Nature Republic and walk straight it’s on your left.



Another is at Garuso-gil, Sinsa Station Line 3, exit 8. Walk straight until you see the sign to Garuso street. Take the left turn before the crossing and walk straight about 3 minutes. It’s on your left.

Café Majo and Sady

Majo and Sady are love team emoticon characters originally from the webtoon and now popular in Kakao Talk messaging app. This character café is another nippy pit stop in Seoul.



Piled up huggable Majo (the brown bear) and Sady (the white rabbit) dolls will greet you upon entering that taking “selfies” will definitely impossible to resist. A souvenir corner is also inviting with lots of cute items to buy.



This coffee bar offers desserts and sweets a little pricy compared to usual café, but served in an adorable way.


Tables were occupied on the first floor so we headed to the second floor and found it bigger. Lucky enough the place was not packed with people.


Take the elevator to the second floor


A long table with Majo and Sady characters sitting on both ends was a pleasant sight feels like an afternoon delight.




This café stands just behind the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. You can easily find it from exit 3 of Dongdaemun History and Culture Park, Seoul subway lines 2,4 & 5, it’s on the opposite road, walk on your right along the sidewalk and cross at the first pedestrian.


Healing at Tiffany’s Café in Hongdae

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades-Audrey Hepburn” True enough and vaguely evident in this Healing at Tiffany’s Café in the heart of Hongdae, Seoul. A distinct coffee bar that offers loosening, refreshment and healing.



This Audrey Hepburn themed café is an absolute inspiration. Just as what I am expecting, it’s another worthy coffee shop to spend time and relax. The cozy ambience and the style of elegance are eminent. It’s a fab!



From that displayed massaging chair before the stairs, you can obviously tell that it’s more of a healing café’. The smiling portrait of the actress Audrey Hepburn from her hit classical movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, and the accommodating staff will instantly give you a warm welcome.



A perfectly illuminated stage waiting for a singer, love message board and the massage room on your left are in pleasant harmony.



The body massage chair was certainly healing. Our 30minute healing package worth 8,900won eases my muscle pain and calmed my spirit. The massage chair provides a whole body massage that will absolutely relax your nerves and muscles not to mention the peace of mind that was brought by the classical song played in the room.



Undeniably, a perfect resting place from that busy street of Hongdae. For healing package deals:

1 set (person) – body chair for 30min + drink = 8,900won

2 set (persons)- body chair for 30min + drink + coke = 12,000won

3 set                – body chair for 60min + drink = 10,900won

4 set                – body chair for 60min + drink + coke = 15,000won



Direction: From exit 9 of Hongik University Station…walk straight until you see McDonald, turn left and walk to the direction of Hongik University. It’s on your left. You’ll sure not miss this place as there is a a display of massaging chair before the stairs.



Alive Museum in Seoul

Another art illusion museum in Seoul is located in Insa-dong, a street filled with traditional stores, galleries, themed café, and restaurants. Fused with historical and modern ambience making it one of the popular tourist destinations in Seoul.



Alive Museum is another art gallery that has it’s own differentness. The displays of more than a hundred showpieces will set forth your imagination to run wild.



Optical illusions are wonderful that taking pictures is so much fun. Following the photo points to get the best pose was truly challenging.



Black Wonder Land, inspired from the Disney animation Alice in Wonderland was so pretty cool. As we enter from the wide door, the room looks smaller and smaller as you walk towards the middle and you’ll find yourself bending because you will not fit in. An absolute amusing experience!



The black room will then lead you to a room with another wonder. A passage surrounded with mirrors that looks like no boundaries. Carpeted with snow like landscape and flowing lights. This one’s a path perfect for lovers I guess.



I especially admired the fairy tale concept, dimly lighted yet with luminous effect.



Alive Museum admission costs 12,000won the same with the Dynamic Maze but you can avail of their discount if you’ll take the Action package that costs 18,000won only. We run out of time so we weren’t able to try he Dynamic maze, but definitely I will try sooner.



Angguk Station Line 3, exit 6, walk straight and turn left on the corner of the Tourist information. Walk ahead into the Insa-dong alley until you see the Starbucks and it’s a few steps away.



It opens from 9:00 to 8:30pm.








Dreamy Camera Café

Have you heard about this camera themed café that will make your dreams come true? As a camera enthusiast and a person who loves the cozy ambiance of café, Dreamy Camera Café is a great place to visit.Cameras and cafe in one!


My co-dreamers holding the key chain souvenir 

Dreamy Camera Cafe was built from a couple’s dream of having their own café as business, inspired from their collections of cameras and motivated to live in a countryside.



I am a certified caféholic and also had a dream of having my own café business in the future and so, visiting themed cafés really gets me into a perception that I am an inch closer to my dream.


Second floor


It was a cloudy day when we visited this rare café and dark clouds blanketed this countryside but still the view was awesome. Surrounded by mountains, pension houses, quiet neighborhood and the spring breeze were already felt that day.


First floor


This two floors camera building built uphill was really an attraction that if you happen to pass on this road you will definitely pull over. The small garden in front was so inviting and the architectural design is indeed a bang.



We instantly loved the place. And wait, there’s much more of cute stuffs inside. We headed straight to the second floor and found the most comfortable place for a group of four. The scenery from the round window was striking. It really gave us the best escape from the buzz of the city.


Cappuccino, muffin, toast, cheese cakes and a fruit juice served.


Pink Lemonade

Vintage cameras were displayed and arranged neatly all over the place from real ones to toys, really one of a kind! Those tissue dispensers inside a big film case were so cute. The owner offered us to write our bucket-list of dreams in life just like the hundreds of visitors who wrote down theirs and those were kept neatly in a book of dreams. A great way to get motivated!


Dreamy Cafe Manual and dream book.



They also offer a souvenir items in keychain (4,000won), post cards (1,000won) and stickers (2,000), film tissue roll dispenser (13,000won). Drinks and desserts are available in affordable prices.



If you too would like to take a glimpse of this Dreamy Camera Café, it’s accessible thru the public transportation. From Sangbong station, take the train to Yongmun station (you might get into a train that stops in Deokso, just transfer and wait for another train going to Yongmun on the other track), get off at Yongmun station take a taxi from exit 2, show the address (from the face book page taxi drivers knows the place). We paid about 10,000won for the ride.


Get the number of the taxi driver for your way back to station before getting off, waiting for the bus from the Dreamy Camera Café will consume your time or you can also ask the lady owner to call a taxi for you going back.