Cosmos and Autumn Flower Fields in Seoul

After those long hot and humid days of summer here comes another season in Korea, the autumn. Everyone’s starting to feel the crisp air, less sunshine, a bit chilly night and those pretty autumn flower fields are slaying instagrams and social medias again. Yep, you read it right! What more could we do on a beautiful season between summer and winter than staying outdoors and take pleasure wandering around Seoul.

There are booming numbers of autumn flower fields and of course literally increasing reasons for your travel goals. For queen bees, flower beds are picture perfect! For
supportive beaus ever, here are your places to sound so romantic! Put on that walking shoes, your best outfit of the days and don’t dare forget your camera.

Here’s my list of cosmos flower fields and other autumn flower beds in SEOUL. Starting from the closest to most distant.

1.Yellow Cosmos Field at Olympic Park.

Direction: Seoul subway line 5 Olympic Park Station, exit 3. Walk towards the direction of the park and turn left after the crescent moon like sculpture. Walk until you see a bridge. It will lead you to the entrance. It will take you 15minutes on foot from the station.

or from Jamsil station (Line 2 and 8) exit 11… at the bus stop get on bus #3413 and get off at Olympic Park Rose Garden bus stop approximately 10minutes. Once you get off, walk to the intersection and cross to the opposite road.

2. Haneul Park: Eulalia, Sunflower and Cosmos

Direction: Take Line 6 to World Cup Stadium Station.. head to exit 1. Walk past the stadium to the parking lot until you see the main highway. Cross the pedestrian and continue walking on the side of the road until you see the World Cup sign. There is another pedestrian ahead of you, cross and you’ll find the way to the shuttle ticket booth or you could just continue walking until you find the stairs. Most of the people from the station will probably go to this park so you could just follow them.

3.Cosmos Flower Field at Guri

Jamsil Station Line 2…head to exit 7 (that’s the underground shopping center so just continue following the direction to the end of the underground until you see the escalator). Walk to the bus stop and wait for bus #1670, #1100, or #2000. Get off at Topyeong IC, it’s just right before Jamsil station, it’s an expressway and yes, it’s only 1 bus stop away. As you get off, walk forward to the pedestrian there’s the stairs going down. Walk to your right and you’ll see those pretty flowers.

4. Nari Park at Yangju

To get a glimpse of this park, take Line 1 (blue line) to Yangju station, head to exit 2, cross the pedestrian, get on bus #80 and get off at Haedungmaeul. Takes only 10minute ride.

And there you go, the best thing about these places??? NO entrance fees!

Enjoy and don’t forget to share this link. Let’s make people know these happy places.

Jade Garden and the Sightly Tulips Trail

“Small Europe in the Forest” is what Jade Garden Natural Arboretum (제이드가든 수목원 is, with 24 unique themed areas to stroll around. Located at Chuncheon, Gangwon-do and only an hour of traveling from Seoul. This attraction is a de facto to locals as location for TV drama’s and romance movie. It’s not quite surprising hence from the scenery outside we could see how fanciful it is.

Let me tour you around this 160,000 square meters garden of gardens. This panorama is divided into three paths and each with categorically incomparable landscape. Wandering around those three courses will consume three hours of your time. And actually more because of frequent stopping for resting and refreshments.

Ready? Let’s start!

Allow me to guide you around to all the gardens from the entrance namely; the English Border Garden, Italian Garden, Kitchen Garden, Alpine Greenhouse and the Ginkgo Maze.

Walking further are the lovely array of colorful tulips.

Now we reached the middle and this is where we rested for a while because of that refreshing ambiance of the waterfall.

Approaching the higher part of the hill we reached the Sky Garden and the turning point to another path. The view from the top gave us a feeling of very much close to nature.

Here comes the best path for me 🙂 The magnolia and longer tulips trail!

The path going back is more of leisurely walking for us. Just can’t get enough of the beauty of this place. Took tons of photos literally and I could give you more.

Planning to visit too? It isn’t hard to find, here’s how.

From Sangbong Station (Seoul Subway Gyeongchun Line), go to Gulbongsan Station.
From Gulbongsan Station, take a shuttle bus to Jade Garden.

This is the FREE shuttle bus.
  • Shuttle Bus (refer to the official website for more information & schedules)
    Gulbongsan Station → Jade Garden: 10:45-16:45, 1 hour interval
    (Bus departing at 12:45 available on Weekends & Holidays only)

Jade Garden → Gulbongsan Station: 11:10-17:10, 1 hour interval

  • No bus services at 12:10
  • ENTRANCE FEE: Adults 8,500 won / Teenagers 6,500 won / Children 5,500 won (discount is available from a group of 30 though)

Have fun on your visit!

A Myriad of Pink Azaleas in Korea: Best Three Spots to Wander

Royal azalea is native to the Korean Peninsula. It blooms appealingly late of April up to early summer and really an attraction for nature lovers. Its colors varies from white to pink and obviously the myriad of pink flounder most.

To catch a glimpse of this dainty flower and capture instagrammable photos here are my best spots for you to wander.

Starting out with Wonmi Bucheon Azalea Hill (Wonmisan Azalea Festival), though the festival has ended, azaleas are still on its peak and worth the visit. Located In Bucheon City.  How to go: Take Line 7 to Bucheon Stadium station, exit 2. Walk straight about 5 minutes and turn left on the sign of Azalea Garden.


The next one is, Gunpo Royal Azalea or the Gunpo Royal Azalea Festival. Lucky you, the festival will be held from April 24-28, 2019. This hill is eventually a sea of flowers.

Direction: Take Line 4 to Surisan Station..exit 3. Walk straight passing the park. You’ll find the entrance after 5 minutes walk.


And of course my favorite of among these three, the Goryeo Mountain Azaleas or the Goryeosan Jindalle Festival in Gangwha, Incheon. This nature wonder is a spot for hikers usually, but don’t worry even if you’re a first timer you will brave out this one. And yes, the festival was over too yet not to worry the flowers are still in full bloom.


View for the other mountain.

Here’s how to go: (From Seoul) Take Subway Line 2 to Sinchon station and head to exit. Walk to the nearest bus stop and get on bus 3000 (an express bus) to Gangwha Intercity Bus Terminal (that’s the last stop actually). From the terminal, take bus #1, 23, 25, 27, 30 32 or 70 and get off to Gangwha History Museum.

Enjoy this pretty flower only in Korea.


Nanuri Park at Yangju

Bored on the second day day of my holiday. I checked out my cellphone and happened to see the screenshot which I saved weeks ago from a Korean blogger. It was a picture and direction of this unknown park in Yangju, the Nanuri park.


It was a only an 8minute bus ride from Yangju station. I wasn’t expecting any special thing to see, I just wanted to take a walk and breathe some air. Apparently, it wasn’t a bad choice of place. The park was another sea bed of flowers, varieties of fall flowers. When it comes to flowers I love spring, no doubt but these flowers are added to why I’m loving fall more.

And it just came to my senses that flowers in fall are far much more prettier. The flower fields on these previous parks which I’d been too were really awesome and worth the travel time. Landscapes were so picturesque and flowers were vivid.


Nanuri Park is another huge flower farm with an alluring murals of a far cry varieties of floweret. It also has a wide array of  yellow cosmos, I remembered when we visited the tulip festival, it was as big as this but the crowd is huge, while here in Nanuri park, almost the same size of park but less crowd.


To get a glimpse of this park, take Line 1 (blue line) to Yangju station, head to exit 2, cross the pedestrian, get on bus #80 and get off at Haedungmaeul.


Paragliding at Boryeong, Chungcheomnam-do

Afraid of heights? This is then, maybe not for you. But if you want an amazing adventure in Korea, then you shouldn’t miss this. I am afraid of heights, yet from time to time I overcome my fear. Fear is just a state of mind. I’m telling you, it feels good to over power your fear.


Saturday group of adventure seekers 🙂


the taking off site… paragliding pilots getting ready..

From my zip line adventure at Mungyeong, it triggered me to try more exciting trips in Korea. After I discovered I can withstand my fear of heights, I planned this paragliding thing and can’t wait to try and fly.


our group of 3 and Craig, our pilot and tour guide…


briefing of safety precautions….

I’ve gathered a group of 3 and there we booked to the paragliding course. Since I don’t want to travel away from Seoul I look for a closer one and I stumble on this paragliding booking on a facebook ad and initially deposit 50,000 for the swing.


aerial view


where my heart stops… LOL!

Craig, the only foreigner licensed paragliding pilot and the contact person from the website, waited for us at the Express Bus Terminal at 7:30 in the morning of Saturday. We arranged for the transportation , as what the website asserted, and ended up taking the train from Yongsan station. Buses were full of passengers that day.


gearing up…


my tandem pilot 🙂

We were picked up from Daecheon station and headed straight to the paragliding site. A mountain 10minutes ride from the station and was 600feet above sea level. Cool panoramic view awaits us. Eventually it wasn’t a clear day and clouds dramatically covered most of the countryside.



a bit relaxed 🙂

After some instructions and safety precautions, we were assigned to a Korean paraglider for a tandem flight. We get ready to tango, anxious of course and a bit hesitant to take off but there’s no turning back now. Excited and aghast, deep and long breathing, leaned forward and run till I saw my feet hang and the trees below.

What a start!I sit comfortably and enjoy the scenery while screaming a bit when we glide. It took us 9minutes on air, 9 minutes of nevertheless heart-stopping moment of my life. Well honestly, I just feel like I was in an open airplane, windowless! LOL!


enjoying the glide….

And off to the landing site at the foot of the mountain where we waited for our friends. We took our souvenir videos and photos, Of course that will surely not slighted. Indeed, it was fun. Safe and sound adventure.


the landing site….


Enter a caption

After the paragliding, we took a taxi to Sky biking, another attraction in Boryeong and only in Korea.

Cost of Paragliding: 100,000won…. refer to this website.

Our transportation expenses was paid included in the package but ours going back to Seoul that costs 11,500wonby bus at Boryeong Bus Terminal or 17,000won if you wish to take the train to Yongsan Station.

Sky Bike at Daecheon Beach

Just about two-hours travel from Seoul and we finally reached the one and only sky bike in Korea. Located around the coastline of Daecheon beach where the much-publicized Boryeong Mud festival was housed. It is sitting right next to the zip line course and 5minutes walk from the mud plaza.




We went on a line, took the waiting number from the ticket booth, wait to be called and paid 30,000won for 4 persons. Once we were given the ticket we directly went inside and get ready to ride. The sky bike extends up to the other side of the beach.



Back and forth, the 20minute ride gave us a breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean. The splendid outline of the shore was so pleasant. Though the sun shines brightly the sea breeze was cool and enough to enjoy the attraction. DCIM100GOPROGOPR9777.DCIM100GOPROGOPR9775.


Direction: By Bus…. from Express Bus Terminal Station (Line 3, 7 & 9) Follow the way to Shinsegae Famille Street, it is on the east side of Central City Terminal. Buy the ticket to Boryeong Bus Terminal. The beach is just walking distance from the terminal. Cost: 11,500 won (one way)

By Train…. from Yongsan Station, buy the ticket to Daecheon Beach. From the station, take the taxi to the sky bike. (Note that there is also a rail bike available, so make sure to tell the driver that you’re heading to Sky Bike. Cost: 17,000 won (one way)

Sky Bike cost: 2 persons for 1 bike…. 22,000won

4 persons for 1 bike…. 30,000won





Samcheok Beach, Gangwon-do: Camping, Swimming and Canoeing

I love outdoors and got really excited of my first beach camping in Korea. We departed from Seoul at midnight and arrived at Samcheok beach about four in the morning of Saturday. Less traffic and smooth running travel to the countryside.

Hence we arrived before the day break, we put up our tents and got everything ready before the sun rises. It’s what I’m clinging so far from this summer trip.Tents were up and we rested for a while. Soon the sun slowly rises. Golden sky, cool sea breeze and calm sea waves hitting the shore were totally what I longed for every summer. Nature’s delight!




Samcheok beach is one among the popular beaches in the peninsula that holds a splendid view of sunrise especially on New year’s day. This place holds a yearly festival on this. When the sun’s up, we walked along the shore and ended up on those rocks sitting on the east side of the beach. We took photos and enjoy the scenery.


We then went back to our tent, prepared our breakfast and get ready for canoeing. From the beach it only took us 15minutes to the area by bus. It was another picturesque view of the ocean. I’m not quite sure how much the rentals for the canoe was as we paid our one night and 2 days travel ahead.

Canoeing took about 20minutes. Paddling back and forth was so much fun. Snorkeling was also available but we weren’t able to try it. But I guess It’s also fun because of the crystal clear water in this beach. Back to beach, we enjoyed swimming so much though waves are a bit rough still we had the best summer time.


  • If you wishes to visit… I hope this direction will help:
  • Travel time: Seoul to Samcheok is 4 hours.

Bus departs regularly with 40 to 50minutes interval from Express Bus Terminal Station, Line 3, 7 and 9 to Samcheok Bus Terminal.

  • Fare: close to 25,000won one way.

From Dong (East) Seoul Bus Terminal to Samcheok between 7:10 am and 8:05 pm.

You could bring along your own tent if you wishes to stay overnight. If tent is not your thing, hotels and motels are available near the beach side. Toilets and public showers were also available.

Suggestion: for a hassle-free trip…. check this link..Samcheok Beach + Snorkeling.