Nanuri Park at Yangju

Bored on the second day day of my holiday. I checked out my cellphone and happened to see the screenshot which I saved weeks ago from a Korean blogger. It was a picture and direction of this unknown park in Yangju, the Nanuri park.


It was a only an 8minute bus ride from Yangju station. I wasn’t expecting any special thing to see, I just wanted to take a walk and breathe some air. Apparently, it wasn’t a bad choice of place. The park was another sea bed of flowers, varieties of fall flowers. When it comes to flowers I love spring, no doubt but these flowers are added to why I’m loving fall more.

And it just came to my senses that flowers in fall are far much more prettier. The flower fields on these previous parks which I’d been too were really awesome and worth the travel time. Landscapes were so picturesque and flowers were vivid.


Nanuri Park is another huge flower farm with an alluring murals of a far cry varieties of floweret. It also has a wide array of  yellow cosmos, I remembered when we visited the tulip festival, it was as big as this but the crowd is huge, while here in Nanuri park, almost the same size of park but less crowd.


To get a glimpse of this park, take Line 1 (blue line) to Yangju station, head to exit 2, cross the pedestrian, get on bus #80 and get off at Haedungmaeul.



Paragliding at Boryeong, Chungcheomnam-do

Afraid of heights? This is then, maybe not for you. But if you want an amazing adventure in Korea, then you shouldn’t miss this. I am afraid of heights, yet from time to time I overcome my fear. Fear is just a state of mind. I’m telling you, it feels good to over power your fear.


Saturday group of adventure seekers 🙂


the taking off site… paragliding pilots getting ready..

From my zip line adventure at Mungyeong, it triggered me to try more exciting trips in Korea. After I discovered I can withstand my fear of heights, I planned this paragliding thing and can’t wait to try and fly.


our group of 3 and Craig, our pilot and tour guide…


briefing of safety precautions….

I’ve gathered a group of 3 and there we booked to the paragliding course. Since I don’t want to travel away from Seoul I look for a closer one and I stumble on this paragliding booking on a facebook ad and initially deposit 50,000 for the swing.


aerial view


where my heart stops… LOL!

Craig, the only foreigner licensed paragliding pilot and the contact person from the website, waited for us at the Express Bus Terminal at 7:30 in the morning of Saturday. We arranged for the transportation , as what the website asserted, and ended up taking the train from Yongsan station. Buses were full of passengers that day.


gearing up…


my tandem pilot 🙂

We were picked up from Daecheon station and headed straight to the paragliding site. A mountain 10minutes ride from the station and was 600feet above sea level. Cool panoramic view awaits us. Eventually it wasn’t a clear day and clouds dramatically covered most of the countryside.



a bit relaxed 🙂

After some instructions and safety precautions, we were assigned to a Korean paraglider for a tandem flight. We get ready to tango, anxious of course and a bit hesitant to take off but there’s no turning back now. Excited and aghast, deep and long breathing, leaned forward and run till I saw my feet hang and the trees below.

What a start!I sit comfortably and enjoy the scenery while screaming a bit when we glide. It took us 9minutes on air, 9 minutes of nevertheless heart-stopping moment of my life. Well honestly, I just feel like I was in an open airplane, windowless! LOL!


enjoying the glide….

And off to the landing site at the foot of the mountain where we waited for our friends. We took our souvenir videos and photos, Of course that will surely not slighted. Indeed, it was fun. Safe and sound adventure.


the landing site….


Enter a caption

After the paragliding, we took a taxi to Sky biking, another attraction in Boryeong and only in Korea.

Cost of Paragliding: 100,000won…. refer to this website.

Our transportation expenses was paid included in the package but ours going back to Seoul that costs 11,500wonby bus at Boryeong Bus Terminal or 17,000won if you wish to take the train to Yongsan Station.

Sky Bike at Daecheon Beach

Just about two-hours travel from Seoul and we finally reached the one and only sky bike in Korea. Located around the coastline of Daecheon beach where the much-publicized Boryeong Mud festival was housed. It is sitting right next to the zip line course and 5minutes walk from the mud plaza.




We went on a line, took the waiting number from the ticket booth, wait to be called and paid 30,000won for 4 persons. Once we were given the ticket we directly went inside and get ready to ride. The sky bike extends up to the other side of the beach.



Back and forth, the 20minute ride gave us a breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean. The splendid outline of the shore was so pleasant. Though the sun shines brightly the sea breeze was cool and enough to enjoy the attraction. DCIM100GOPROGOPR9777.DCIM100GOPROGOPR9775.


Direction: By Bus…. from Express Bus Terminal Station (Line 3, 7 & 9) Follow the way to Shinsegae Famille Street, it is on the east side of Central City Terminal. Buy the ticket to Boryeong Bus Terminal. The beach is just walking distance from the terminal. Cost: 11,500 won (one way)

By Train…. from Yongsan Station, buy the ticket to Daecheon Beach. From the station, take the taxi to the sky bike. (Note that there is also a rail bike available, so make sure to tell the driver that you’re heading to Sky Bike. Cost: 17,000 won (one way)

Sky Bike cost: 2 persons for 1 bike…. 22,000won

4 persons for 1 bike…. 30,000won





Samcheok Beach, Gangwon-do: Camping, Swimming and Canoeing

I love outdoors and got really excited of my first beach camping in Korea. We departed from Seoul at midnight and arrived at Samcheok beach about four in the morning of Saturday. Less traffic and smooth running travel to the countryside.

Hence we arrived before the day break, we put up our tents and got everything ready before the sun rises. It’s what I’m clinging so far from this summer trip.Tents were up and we rested for a while. Soon the sun slowly rises. Golden sky, cool sea breeze and calm sea waves hitting the shore were totally what I longed for every summer. Nature’s delight!




Samcheok beach is one among the popular beaches in the peninsula that holds a splendid view of sunrise especially on New year’s day. This place holds a yearly festival on this. When the sun’s up, we walked along the shore and ended up on those rocks sitting on the east side of the beach. We took photos and enjoy the scenery.


We then went back to our tent, prepared our breakfast and get ready for canoeing. From the beach it only took us 15minutes to the area by bus. It was another picturesque view of the ocean. I’m not quite sure how much the rentals for the canoe was as we paid our one night and 2 days travel ahead.

Canoeing took about 20minutes. Paddling back and forth was so much fun. Snorkeling was also available but we weren’t able to try it. But I guess It’s also fun because of the crystal clear water in this beach. Back to beach, we enjoyed swimming so much though waves are a bit rough still we had the best summer time.


  • If you wishes to visit… I hope this direction will help:
  • Travel time: Seoul to Samcheok is 4 hours.

Bus departs regularly with 40 to 50minutes interval from Express Bus Terminal Station, Line 3, 7 and 9 to Samcheok Bus Terminal.

  • Fare: close to 25,000won one way.

From Dong (East) Seoul Bus Terminal to Samcheok between 7:10 am and 8:05 pm.

You could bring along your own tent if you wishes to stay overnight. If tent is not your thing, hotels and motels are available near the beach side. Toilets and public showers were also available.

Suggestion: for a hassle-free trip…. check this link..Samcheok Beach + Snorkeling.

Soyanggang Sky Walk at Chuncheon

From two days and one night camping as our summer outing, though we had a sleepless night, we still manage to visit Soyanggang Sky Walk. Seeing that our camping site was about 30minutes away only by train, we then took the chance to take the trip.




Located at Chuncheon-si, Gangwondo, the Sky Walk stretches over Ulamho Lake. From Seoul, rather from Sangbong Station, it will take you 81minutes to the last stop which is Chuncheon station.



From Chuncheon station, exit 1, we walked to the taxi stand and got a ride to the sky walk. Though if you wishes to walk you can do so by just walking straight passing the taxi stand for approximately 10minutes. Hence, we had a quiet heavy bags from our overnight we chose to take a ride.






There is an entrance fee of 2,000won per person but tickets are given with a coupon worth the admission. So, it’s kind of free. The coupons then can be used to purchase drinks or foods from the stores around the premises.



Before we could get to the entrance, we chose our shoe covers which all visitors are required to wear for protecting the glass floor from scratches. As we walked along, honestly I though it was a bit hair-rising nevertheless walking above water and conquering my fear of heights was unexpectedly effortless. It is because the panoramic view was just colossal.






There is a circular plaza at the end of the sky walk facing a fish statue and duck boats below. The duck boat ride can be tried costing us 15,000won (4 persons in one duck) for 30minutes.

Try it and be thrilled.

Direction: Take Gyeongchun Line….from Sangbong Station get off at the last stop Chuncheon Station (81 minutes travel)…. head to exit 1.

  • Fare (train from Sangbong Station to Chuncheon) 2,450won
  • Taxi will cost you about 3,000 won
  • Admission is 2,000won (with coupon)
  • Duck boat ride is 15,000 for 4 persons maximum

Opens from 9:00am to 5:00pm and till 8:30 on summer.

Suncruise Resort and Yacht: Our Summer Frolic

Hello Summer! Days are getting hotter and beaches started to welcome the crowd. This reminds me of our summer escapade last year in one of the most visited summer destination in Korea, Gangneung beach, Gangwondo.



Five hours and thirty minutes travel from Seoul and we witnessed the famous sunrise in this part of the peninsula. Locals and foreigners flocked here on the night before New year to witness the first sunrise. That festivity is held at the Hour Glass Park.


Well, our plan is to stay on the seaside and enjoy swimming. We put up our tent, gather up our things inside and walked to visit the Suncruise Resort and Yacht first before we enjoy the sea. Oh by the way, if you put up your tent you have to pay 5,000 someone will collect it when they see your tent. Rather as we walked along and reached the resort, the sun was terribly hot.




entrance to resort

Suncruise is a resort and hotel with a unique shape of a ship. Located in a cliff that took us 20minutes on foot from Jeongdongjin station. With a stunning view of the sunrise and infinite sea panoramic view from the top.


The pool with sea water attracted us the most that we decided to pick up our things and spend the day at the resort, hence the sun rays feels like we can’t stay longer under its shade. We paid 5,000 for the resort entrance and 10,000won each for the swimming pool admission. And there we go, we had one of the best summer escapade.


Our admission ticket to the resort entitled us to explore the vicinity and took home photos and good memories of summer. We wandered along the resort to the top of the hotel and take pleasure of the wonderful landscape it offered.

How to go:

If you’re to take the train…. Cheongnyangni Station → Jeongdongjin Station
First train 07:05, last train 23:25 / Train runs 6~7 times daily / Total travel time: approx. 4.5 to 5 hours / Fare: 21,100-24,300 won

By bus…
Dong Seoul Jonghap Bus Terminal → Donghae Express Bus Terminal
First bus 06:45, last bus 20:30 bus runs 12 times daily the total travel time: approx. 3 hours / Fare 17,000 won

Seoul (Gyeongbu/Yeongdong Line) Express Bus Terminal → Donghae Express Bus Terminal
First bus 06:30, last bus 23:30 / Bus runs 24 times daily / Total travel time: approx. 3 hours / Fare 16,800-24,800 won

Take a taxi from Donghae Bus Terminal to Sun Cruise Resort takes approximately 10 minutes.


Tip: From Jeongdongjin Station, walk along the seaside passing the Hour Glass Park to the main road. Walk on your right uphill until you see the sign to Suncruise Resort. It will take you about 20minutes to the entrance or take a taxi in front of the station to the resort for 5minutes.

We leave Seoul on the last departing train at 11: 45pm Friday and Departed from Jeongdongjin at 12:00 midnight Saturday arriving Cheongyangni 5:30 in the morning.

Travel expenses:

Mogungwha train  42,200won (back and forth)

       Resort Admission     5,000won

      Swimming pool       10,000won

  * You can bring your own food, but there is a convenience store, restaurants, and cafe.

Zip line and Chasabal Festival in Mungyeong

Pottery and zip lining were far from my spring itinerary. I am afraid of heights and never like messy activities. I’ve seen several Korean tours that offers zip line activity and didn’t take pains looking at it. So how did I ended up doing those?

A friend of mine invited me to join her through a Korean tour agency online, Adventure Korea, and try those… I was quiet hesitant but ended up joining her. Oh well, the big discount offer made me say, okay I’ll try! And off we go early in the morning of Friday. It’s a holiday, Children’s day in Korea.



First stop, Mungyeong Chasabal Festival. Located in Gyeongsangbuk-do and took us more than 3 hours, that includess traffic though. It’s a traditional tea bowl making cooked over fire in a “mangdaengi gama”, traditional firewood kiln known for its historical and traditional value. We participated in the pottery making experience, that’s included in the package tour.

Apparently I didn’t give it a try. I sit down though and watched how it was done and brought home the bowl as a souvenir. After that pottery experience we wandered around the festival area and enjoyed the scenery. There is a small Korean Village with hanok’s, Korean traditional houses and some stores selling items made of ceramics and pottery items on display.

Quiet pricey stuffs but the quality is excellent and the designs are unique.

We leave the festival area after lunch and headed to the second destination. The Mungyeong Dynamic Ecotainment Zipline.



zip line course map

The zipline location was 20minutes away from the festival. We geared up and prepared ourselves to the highlight of this tour. A shuttle bus transported us to the mountain where the course will begin and experienced a real “rocky road” ride.


the first platform


some safety guides

The zipline has nine courses. Yup, it isn’t actually what I’m expecting. What’s in my imagination was a long and continuous zip line adventure. Anyhow, I don’t have any idea about this so I just embraced the fun. Whoa! I congratulated myself secretly for finishing the 9 nine courses with a prize.

I totally forgot my fear and enjoyed my first zip line adventure. From one course to the next one was really tiring. We have to walk down the stairs and hike up to the next station, while zip lines were totally short distances except for the 8th and 9th course  with 200meter and 360meters flying course respectively.

What excites me was, on the 5th course there was a challenge. There was a dart board and we were instructed to hit the pig photo on the center while hanging on the zip line. I shouted when I hit the pig. Lucky me! I was given a sticker to claim my prize on the ticket booth, a refreshing orange drink! LOL.

Course length

1 course : Course length – 125m, Beginner Level
2 courses : Course length – 126m, Beginner Level
3 courses : Course length – 166m, Intermediate Level
4 courses : Course length – 106m, Intermediate Level
5 courses : Course length – 82m, Intermediate Level
6 courses : Course length – 86m, Intermediate Level
7 courses : Course length – 101m, Intermediate Level
8 courses : Course length – 201m, Advanced Level
9 courses : Course length – 360m, Advanced Level


5th course platform


from 7th course

From the zip line adventure, we headed back to Seoul and arrived at almost 10pm. Great day for zip line beginner. I am not sure if the public transportation here is easy but here is the address if you wanted to try the dynamic zip line.

174, Buljeong-gil, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 문경시 불정길 174 (불정동)

Direction: Take the bus towards Mungyeong from Dong Seoul Terminal
(06:30 – 20:00, departs every 40min – 1hr 30min / travel time: 2 hours)

Admission is 55,000won

From Mungyeong terminal take a local bus, just show the address to the driver.