Yellow Cosmos Field at Olympic Park

Autumn is happening! Crisp air, less sunshine, cool weather and moreover the ginkgo trees that’s starting to change its color. This season never fails to give a fine weather as I remember. DCIM101GOPROGOPR0873.DCIM101GOPROGOPR0878.

And of course, we know it is fall when cosmos flowers are spitting in a distance. These flowerets are on its prime from September to October. The vividness of this daisy-like flower comes in a variety of colors: yellow, orange, red, pink, white and maroon.


When I saw a picture of a friend sitting in the middle of a cosmos field I remember this hill filled with yellow cosmos flowers at Olympic Park. Currently it is the highlight of the park this time. Hence, my visit yesterday was a weekday I expected less crowd just perfect for landscape and a brief walk.


There were only few people and a couple having their pre wedding photo shoot. They were lovely to look at on their hanbok, the Korean traditional dress. I’m pretty sure they’ll going to have beautiful photos with those bright yellow flowers on the background.


And an additional attraction, the rose garden is still beautiful. Roses are still holding its vibrant colors. So if you’re going to visit the cosmos field you will see those roses as well, they are situated beside each other.


Tip: No admission and open year round.

Direction: Seoul subway line 5 Olympic Park Station, exit 3. Walk towards the direction of the park and turn left after the crescent moon like sculpture. Walk until you see a bridge. It will lead you to the entrance. It will take you 15minutes on foot from the station.

or from Jamsil station (Line 2 and 8) exit 11… at the bus stop get on bus #3413 and get off at Olympic Park Rose Garden bus stop approximately 10minutes. Once you get off, walk to the intersection and cross to the opposite road.


Seoul Museum of Art

Photography is my diversion. For each time off and every weekend that I have, I leisurely wander around. When the sun shines bright I love landscaping when the rain pours I look for themed cafe or a museum.

And so gloomy, cloudy and rain seems to rush when we ended up at SeMA, Seoul Museum of Art. Beaming with of course a lot visitors, the museum holds a special exhibit when we visited and will last until August 15, 2017.

Walking from the entrance, sculptures were eye-catching and we can’t help ourselves took pictures of those. Later I found that this place was a filming location of Korean drama.

Those are in addition to the usual Korean art display and photographs. Apparently, the exhibits are ecstatic. Photographs are one of a kind, inspiring and wondrous.

So much piece of art in an exquisite display. The museum has three floors of deviating art works and each are so lovely to look. I hold in high regard the simplicity of Korea’s artwork. Simple and detailed. Does our visit to SeMa made my day.

Museum schedule

Free admission and easy to reach. Take subway line 2 or 1 to City Hall Station and head to Exit 1.

Walk passing KFC restaurant and turn left on the first corner before the gate of Deoksugung Palace. Walk straight for 3 minutes until you see the big flower structure on your left.

Common Ground: A Unique Shopping Complex

Ask about shopping and for sure you will end up in a department store in Korea. Ask about a place for sight seeing and you’ll end up on one of those popular landmarks where locals and tourists flocked too. Those are the shopping and touring scenario you might have.

On the other hand, I’ll show you around to a shopping complex, a good place for sightseeing and in addition a pleasing place to enjoy leisurely walk. Distinctive places are booming in Korea. From themed cafes, interactive museums, character shops and more.

Common Ground is no exception, located at Konkuk University station. It is a shopping complex built with shipping containers. Designed and architectured for a diversed purpose.

This pop-up store contained stores of dresses, restaurants, character stores, photo booths, cafe and a night market that every visitors enjoyed, just like me. It is a one-stop shop literally and becoming a popular tourist attraction.

Location: Line 2 or 7….Konkuk University Station head to exit 6 and walk straight for 3 minutes.

Ttukseom Resort

Ttukseom resort is my favorite swimming place from among those six public swimming pools hanging around Han river. This one’s the most popular among the foreigners too.

Not only it’s the biggest but it is also the closest from the subway station. Thus, the most accessible place to beat the heat of summer.

I guess, it’s also the most crowded one especially weekends. Summer in Korea is literally hot that most of my weekends eversince the season begun had been spent in those nearby pools already.

Last Sunday, we visited Ttukseom and deeply enjoyed the water. Pools are available for kids and adults, separately for safety purposes.

Entrance only costs ₩5000 for general admission, kids and teenagers are discounted. This resort will be open until August 27 this year.

……. ticket booth

Tube and life jackets rental

  • Direction: Ttukseom Resort.. Line 7… exit 3.

Best Summer Pools in Korea

Looking for places to drift this summer? Categorically, beaches and pools are of course the best places to delve into. While those sandy areas and calming sea water are needed to be traveled for hours or so, public swimming pools on the other hand can be checked in easily in Seoul.

With that moot point, I have listed down outdoor pools, indoor swimming pools and water theme parks for you to choose and try. I had been to mostly of these cool places and definitely had a good time.

  1. Han River Side Swimming Pools  

             Open for general public and entrance fee costs 5,000won-8,000won for a day. Opens from 9:00am to 7:00pm usually. Note that proper swimming attire is highly observe and swimming cap is a MUST!

2. Woongjin Playdoci: Water and Snow Park

      An indoor water and snow park located in Bucheon. I enjoyed this place last winter and you’ll definitely like it this summer. A huge water theme park to play around with indoor and outdoor pool, spa and sauna, slides and more. It’s a bit costly though, but no worries…. check this link, book directly from my website and it will just cost you 10 bucks. 

3. Potto Pop Corn House Pension and Pool. Best for overnight stay as reservation includes pension house. A nice play to unwind in countryside. Located near Cheongpyeong Station, the way to Gapyeong. Reservation is needed to this site.

Want further, bigger and more adventure?

4. Ocean World Water Park

This water park is located in Vivaldi Park Resort on the slopes of Palbong Mountain at Hongcheon region of Gangwon-do. Two hours and a half travel time from Seoul. Ocean World is one of the most popular summer destinations in Korea, it is in fact dubbed as the 4th Top Water Park in the world. It has a grandest Egyptian inspired architecture.

Book here for your 60% percent discount and free shuttle bus.

The farthest and with the best scenery.

5. Suncruise Resort and Yacht Hotel 

The best resort with sea water pool and the breathtaking scenery of nature. Hotel reservation is quiet costly, but the resort is so much affordable. In addition, we were able to explore the entire resort and the Gangneung beach nearby.

There you go! I provided the link for each and every places I went to.

Enjoy summer.


Rose Garden in Olympic Park

Did you get the chance visiting Seoul rose festival and other rose gardens which started on the third week of May?

Good news! It isn’t late for you, sweet roses are in bloom to mid of June and certainly if you love these flowers you still have time to check it out.

After the longest rose tunnel from Taereung station, I found time revisiting Olympic park rose garden in Olympic park station.

Both are located in Seoul yet in opposite direction and both displays hundreds of roses varieties. It so happen that the day I went to Olympic Park, just last Saturday, it holds a Jazz festival. A lot of people falling in line from subway to the venue. 

Well, if you aren’t aware this park is often a venue of concerts and festivals in Korea and year round it’s wonderful to go around especially fall, so love the scenery here.

Rose garden isn’t that big here, but roses are in beautiful display and lesser crowd. In addition in front of rose garden, there awaits an English poppy hill, which in fall is a home for cosmos flowers.

You see, this garden is well managed in seasons, thus a nice place to visit year round. The 146 species of roses in this garden is admirable in May-June.

Never miss it out this month!

  • Direction: Seoul subway line 5 Olympic Park Station, exit 3. Walk towards the direction of the park and turn left after the crescent moon like sculpture. Walk untill you see the small bridge. It will lead you to the entrance. Will take you 15minutes on foot from the station.

Poopoo Land in Insa-dong

Remember that hilarious serving of coffee in a toilet bowl cup which I wrote before? Recenty another poo themed attraction opened in Insa-dong. The Poopoo Land, a poo museum!

  • Visitors in Hanbok, Korean traditional dress is a common sight in Insa-dong.

Korean’s never run out of great ideas, really! Fun and gross at the same time, Poopoo Land it is!

With an obstacle and a little adventure for visitors, the attractions inside are enough to try for less than hour.

…. a musical pots.. upon entrance they will give a token to use here. Aim for the pots with medal and a dance song will be played if you throw the token in.

It has a second floor which the obstacle starts and you can try on a 90degrees slide down to the first floor.

This museum is located at the annex of Ssamziegil building. Not spacious and not really amusing, just if you want something different you can try to check on it.

  • Direction: From exit 6 of Angguk station line 3. Walk towards Insa-dong alley. Ssamziegil is on your left. Walk to the end of the ground floor stay on your left.

A souvenir shop before you exit.

  • Admission: ₩6,000 and children below 120cm are not allowed to enter.